About Us

Nicholas Roofing was established in 1981 by Jimmy Cosenza, and he named the company after his 2-year-old son Nicholas. 25 years later, Nick began working alongside his father Jimmy  at their shop at 1816 San Pablo Avenue. In 2016, Jimmy retired from roofing, and Nick took over the company.


Nick Cosenza

Joined Nicholas Roofing in 2002

Nick was born in Oakland and raised in Contra Costa County. He is a third-generation roofing contractor. His grandfather ran Seal-Tile Roofing, his father founded Nicholas Roofing, and his uncles ran Quality Roofing. Nick is a Bay Area sports fan and Nicholas Roofing supports both the Oakland Raiders and Oakland A’s as a season ticket holder.


Scott Dawson

Joined Nicholas Roofing in 2009

Scott is the manager of the Nicholas Roofing showroom. He has been a family friend of the Cosenza’s since he was in 6th grade. Nick is the Godfather of Scott’s son, Cole. Scott is an avid bowler and golfer.


Fookeeng Saephan

Joined Nicholas Roofing in 1986


Koui Chiem Saechao

Joined Nicholas Roofing in 1988


San Chiow Saechao

Joined Nicholas Roofing in 1997


Nai Finh Saechao

Joined Nicholas Roofing in 1999


Nai Chow Saephan

Joined Nicholas Roofing in 2005